With the holidays fast approaching, I want to talk to you about something very important—debt.  Statistics show that most Americans overspend their holiday budgets by 15% to 30%.  And that often means that they go into debt.

I hate debt, don’t you?  The Bible says that when we are in debt, we are a servant to the lender (Proverbs 22:7).  I believe debt is the scourge of this nation.  And since March of this year, this ministry has been on an all-out assault against debt.  According to Bible, I believe God wants you to be free from the oppression of debt!

Start Where You Are

Second Kings 7:3-8 KJV tells about four lepers in the city of Samaria who rose up and, with God’s help, got free from the oppression that was facing them.

The Samaritans were starving because an enemy had surrounded their city.  These lepers were desperate as they sat outside the city gate, just like those of us who may be in a dire situation today…facing debt, sickness, disease, fear, family problems, or any form of lack.

But those men looked at each other in their seemingly hopeless condition and said, “Why sit we here until we die?” (v. 3).

I believe we could ask ourselves the same question: Why do we sit in the middle of our debt and lack any longer without doing something?

Those lepers took action.  They stood up and, in the condition they were in, they began a march of faith to the enemy camp

When You Step Out,

God Can Step In

It looked crazy for these sick men—who had no armor, no swords, no shields—to get up and march toward the enemy.  They had nothing…except their faith.  But when we make the decision to obey God, faith is enough to start with!

As a seed of faith, the lepers set out on a march against their enemy.  And when they stepped out, God stepped in and did something supernatural for them!

As the lepers got close to the enemy camp, God began to multiply the sound of their footsteps.  Their enemy heard what sounded like a massive army and fled for their lives, leaving their food and belongings behind!  The lepers sent word of their victory back to the people of Samaria, who came to the camp and carried away the spoils.  It was a miracle!

When those four desperate men marched in faith toward the enemy, God met them supernaturally at their point of need and caused their enemy to flee!

Sow Your Way to Freedom!

Do you need God to do something supernatural in your life today?  I believe God can bring it to pass when you sow a seed for your own deliverance like the lepers did!

When you and I take a step of faith and plant our seed unto God, I believe satan trembles…because he knows the power of a seed multiplied!

I challenge you to do what I’ve been doing these last few months.  Determine in your heart to get out of debt and stay out, then begin to sow seeds of faith like you’ve never sown before.  Then make a declaration of your faith that you are going to sow your way out of debt and never be bound by it again!

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