Encourage Me to Say the Word by Richard Roberts

And do you know, Chris, you’re talking better every day? How does that make you feel? Connie, what is the, what is the dream that God’s placed in your heart about speech therapy at the City of Faith.

Well, I think the most important aspect of ministering at the City of Faith for me as a professional has been to be in a holistic setting where I can tell people the truth and I can introduce the spiritual aspect of any kind of communication problem. And I work with people who stutter and people who have had a stroke and people who are under a lot of stress because of a communication problem, particularly in adults.

Are you seeing results, Connie? Oh, yes, yes. We’re obviously seeing results with Chris. Mostly spirit changes, but mind changes. And then we see the body change as we deal with the whole person. We see a whole change. And Chris was just, he is just an example of what God is doing at the City of Faith when we bring a spiritual dimension into what was usually a secular intellectual endeavor and we’ve been able to overlay that with the things of the Spirit. And his Scripture, he felt that that Scripture really turned him around, to be faithful. Scripture turned you around?

Yeah. You did? It just helped me, it encouraged me when she, when my speech teacher told me that Scripture, I didn’t know that was in the Bible. And it just encouraged me. It gave me encouragement to say my sound at school. But when I first came to the City of Faith, she taught me how to say my sound but I wasn’t saying it at school because I was afraid that people would laugh at me and everything. And then she told me that Scripture that she had found in the Bible and it just gave me encouragement to say my speech at school, at home, and everywhere else out of the City of Faith.

Chris, let me ask you a question. Somebody might be watching this program today who has trouble talking. Maybe it’s a little boy, maybe it’s a little girl, maybe it’s an adult, maybe it’s someone who is a mom or a dad or maybe a teenager or somebody who’s watching the program who has had some trouble speaking. Maybe they stutter or maybe they have some difficulty with R’s and they need help and they need to come to the City of Faith.

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