richard roberts on April 23rd, 2013

Spreading God’s Message I recently conducted a Healing Rally in England, where only a tiny percentage of the population attends a church of any kind.  Other rallies are in the planning stages, and God is speaking to me about other nations where we must go and take the message of Jesus’ soon return to the […]

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richard roberts on April 16th, 2013

CPS:  Three full wonderful days.  They will be back Wednesday night in time for their church, but all today and tomorrow and Wednesday, all the pastors–well, just about, there’s so much power here because there’s so many pastors here with power. LR:  That’s right, the Lord is really going to do a wonderful thing. I […]

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richard roberts on April 12th, 2013

And do you know, Chris, you’re talking better every day? How does that make you feel? Connie, what is the, what is the dream that God’s placed in your heart about speech therapy at the City of Faith. Well, I think the most important aspect of ministering at the City of Faith for me as […]

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RR: You’ve got one, you’re taking him to the doctor and you’ve got another one you’re carrying. KN: One checking into the hospital. But I’ll tell you, I was so thankful, even though with all the bad and the doctor, the sure that it was. We went to the hospital to do all the testing, […]

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