Heaven Came Down by Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts wants to share something to you. We’re looking for the same kind of a nurse, a nurse who wants to be a part of a healing team. We are a healing team at the City of Faith. It’s as important what Melanie does or David does as it is what I do. It’s not important that I’m a physician, she’s a nurse, or David is a prayer partner. What’s important is that we’re a team connected together through the love of God to deliver all of God’s healing power to you as a patient.

So if you’re a nurse or perhaps you’re a minister who really feels called to do something different, or a physician, this is a place where you can do something different. You can minister to the whole person. We want you to come and join us. You can call the Prayer Group and give them your number and they’ll get it to me or they’ll get it to the nurse recruiting group or they’ll get it to Duie Jernigan in charge of the prayer partners. We are making a difference in people’s lives and we want you to come join us.

Praise God for that. Someone is receiving a healing in your right wrist, even right now while we’re talking. The Spirit of God is SU03 moving in this program today. My special guests today are Ken and Lynette Hagin. Ken and Lynette’s son Craig had a fantastic experience through prayer and medicine here at the City of Faith, and I’m going to ask them to share that story, a real life testimony of what God did for a young man here at the City of Faith.

Jim and Melanie and David, God bless you. Right now Richard Roberts isĀ  going to introduce the Oral Roberts University Singers who are going to minister in song. And they’re going, what are you going to sing? Can’t hear you? “Heaven Came Down.” Lindsay, what did that woman say in her letter the other day, she said, “I watched”, I wish I had a copy of that. “I watched your program and”, do you have it in my Bible?

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