And, students, I do not believe that satan can cross the bloodline.  I don’t believe that.  I only believe he can cross the bloodline if someone allows him to cross the bloodline.  You say, “Well, I’ve seen people who are so demonically possessed, it must have been something that was from the devil’s standpoint that was kind of like sovereign, in the sense that it was sovereign coming from devil.  It’s just something that satan decided to come into somebody.”

I don’t believe it happens that way.  I believe that people have a way of opening themselves up.  They get involved in something that is a doorway.  It’s not how satan just—well, let me say it this way—satan just doesn’t walk up to someone and jump inside them.  It doesn’t happen that way.

How it happens is, that person begins to open themselves up.  And sometimes it’s something very small.  Sometimes it’s through some demonic movie that they have seen or some demonic album or group that they have listened to or some demonic book that they have read or some occult thing that they’ve gotten involved in.  You have to open the door to satan for him to come in.

Now we all know that satan is the great imitator.  Well, didn’t Jesus say, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.  And if you will open the door, I’ll come in.”  Well, do you think satan is any different?  Isn’t he the great imitator?  He wanted to be God.  He didn’t want to be like God; he wanted to be God.  That’s how he got kicked out of heaven.

So satan is also standing and knocking, but he cannot cross that bloodline unless we as human beings allow him by doing something that opens that door.  In other words, we break a hole in the hedge.

As Christians, there is a hedge—the Bible speaks of the hedge that is around us as believers.  Satan doesn’t come and tear down the hedge.  We open the hedge.  We allow those things to happen.  And, you know, we do it innocently.  We think, Well, you know, that thing out there isn’t going to hurt me.  I’m a stronger Christian than that.  Well, that’s very immature thinking on our parts because satan is cunning.  He is smart.

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