They wanted to have the supernatural in their home, in their lives, in their marriage, in their family, in their business, their farm.  The husband was a farmer.

And so they built what many would call a prophet’s chamber.  We might call it they built a little apartment.  They built an extra bedroom.  And they put furniture in it—the Bible says so—that when Elisha came to town, he wouldn’t stay at the Holiday Inn Express.  Instead, he would come by and stay there.  He would be in their home.  That’s because they wanted the power of God in their lives.

And each time he would come through town, he wouldn’t stay at Motel 6.  He would stay in their home.  So they were exposed to the supernatural because Elisha had twice as many miracles in his ministry as his predecessor Elijah did.

Because you remember, Elisha had asked for a double portion of the spirit that was on Elijah.  Do you remember that scripture?  And he got it.  Remember, Elijah said to him, “If you see me when I go, you’ll have it.”  And Elisha saw him when he went up in that whirlwind.  Elijah did not die.  Elijah was taken up in a whirlwind, the Bible says.

So she made room for the supernatural.  And Elisha was so touched by it that he finally said to his aide, “What does the woman need?”

The woman never said to him, “I need a child.”  The woman never said to him, “I’ve never been able to conceive and bear a child.  My husband has wanted children.”

But Elisha asked the question, “What does she need?”

And his aide says, “They have no children.”

And what did Elisha do?  He prayed, and said, “About this time next year, you’re going to have a son.”

Okay, she made room for the supernatural.  That’s what I’m going to do here at ORU.  I’m going to make room for the supernatural.  I’m going to tell people who come to chapel, “You can’t preach till 12:05 and then start your time of prayer.  You’ve got to quit early enough to give God an opportunity to move.”

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