And Jesus marveled. As what Richard Roberts said, maybe he knew the scripture in Psalms which says, “He sent his word and healed them of their destruction.  He sent his word and healed them from their destruction.”  The others didn’t seem to know that scripture.  This man understood that Jesus had the power to send His Word.

Richard Roberts shares; Many years ago God spoke to me and said, “In your ministry you’re going to send My Word.”  He said, “I see you standing on platforms, in nations all over the world.  And I see you putting up your hand and sending My Word.  And when you send My Word, people will begin to get healed.  Sickness and disease will begin to leave.”

And the scripture says, “He sent his word and healed them of their destruction.”  Tonight I’m going to send the word, and that word is going to flow right through my hands and it is going to come inside you.  And there are going to be many miracles tonight.  Hallelujah!

Jesus turned to the army captain and sent His Word.  He said, “Go home.  And as you have believed, it shall be done of your military aide.”  Lindsay Roberts said. And on the way home, the man found his aide had been healed.

I have news for you here at Oral Roberts University.  God is not a bad God.  God is a good God.  He loves you.  He cares about you.  He wants your salvation.  He wants your healing.  The price has already been paid, but you’ll have to activate your faith.  Without God you cannot, but without you He will not.  There’s something for you to do

Richard Roberts – Tonight I’m going to stretch forth my hands, and I am going to begin to pray.  And you watch what will happen.  Suddenly there will be a wave of healing.  It will begin to spread across this side here.  And people will feel a surge of the power of God.  And eyes will begin to be healed.  And ears will begin to be healed.  And cripples will begin to walk.  And cancers will begin to fall off.  And hearts will begin to be healed.  And diabetes will begin to go.  Pain will go.

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