Richard Roberts:  And Lindsay Roberts, because of the partners of this ministry who have stood with us, this ministry is moving forward on every front, and I am so delighted that my good friend, who you just saw in that spot, Pastor Hank Kunneman of Lord of Host Church, stayed over to be with you tonight.  God bless you.

HK:  Thank you for having me again.

Richard Roberts:  Thank you so much for coming and sharing with us.  Honey, something wonderful has happened.  God has spoken to me again, and told me this ministry is moving forward on all fronts.  Well that means to me, God not only is moving this ministry forward, but He wants to move your life forward.  He wants you healed in every area of your life.  He wants you prospering.  Lindsay, He wants our partners to be fulfilled in every area of their life.

Lindsay Roberts:  Yep.  You know, I was reading a thing about Richard’s daddy the other day; when we were all sitting around praying over prayer requests, and he actually set them on fire.  We had a candle lighting service, and he accidently set them on fire.

Richard Roberts:  It was an accident.  It was an accident.

Lindsay Roberts:  The thing was, he was holding them so tight, and I saw… I can’t even tell you.  I don’t know if I’d even had my kids yet, so it was probably, I don’t know, a good twenty-five years ago.

Richard Roberts:  Well, it was in the eighties.

Lindsay Roberts:  Early eighties; and his partners at Oral Roberts University had written in, and when I saw him pick up the names of those partners, the needs of those partners, prayer sheets of those partners, and he held them so tight that when he leaned up into the candle and caught them on fire, he didn’t even notice.  He didn’t notice, because he was so committed to those partners who had been so committed to him.

Richard Roberts:  Right.

HK:  Wow.

Lindsay Roberts:  I’ll tell you, there is that thing going on.  It’s hard to explain, but that’s why it’s called partnership.  It’s joint partaking.  When the partners come together in this ministry, when, you know, it’s like when you receive the prophet, you receive the prophet’s reward.  As you sow into the ministry, there is a reward that is absolute on the other end.  That’s what the Bible says.

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