The message tonight is “A Thousand Times More.”  I want you to visualize approximately two million grown people, mothers  holding their babes and with children at their feet, maybe closer to three million than two million people, if you count the little ones.  And they are at the foot of the mountains of Moab, which is just adjacent to the land of promise, the land of milk and honey, where Moses had led these people for forty years from the land of Egypt where they were slaves to that place where they were getting ready to cross over the Jordan River, which was the dividing line, into their inheritance, into the land, into the land they were to possess, into the land that God had promised, not only these people, but to Abraham way back hundreds of years before, to the man who had the greatest faith of all up to that time and from whose faith our faith comes, from whose faith the body of Christ exists.  From Abraham’s faith is the church of Jesus Christ.  This is a very important point.

And Moses gets up on the side of one of those mountains and in that area, where you don’t need a PA system because the acoustical systems are so perfect in the atmosphere, and began to speak a prophetic utterance after telling them where they had come from, the land of Egypt as slaves, how far they had come, through the howling wilderness, the most desolate place on the face of the earth, and now where they are.

They are the edge of their deliverance, and yet it’s the most dangerous period of their lives because the River Jordan, an ordinary river, is at flood stage and it’s more than a half mile wide.  Now it’s not an ordinary river.  It’s deep and dark and dangerous.  And there are more than two million people with their little ones who are to cross that flooding river in order to possess the land and to inherit the place that God had prepared for His people from which Jesus our Savior would come.

And Moses is standing there on the side of that mountain talking to them and telling them what God had done for them and had told them that he had brought them there because they had dwelt long enough on the way and it was time for them to possess their land.

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