richard roberts on January 24th, 2011

So Melchizedek comes down in the form of a priest and a king of the Most High.  He is ruling and reigning.  There’s a reason.  He has a certain authority that God wants to release into the earth for every one of you sitting in the seat you’re sitting in now.  But it takes a […]

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richard roberts on January 16th, 2011

So I get ready to sell the car and I talk to Richard, and the Lord had a check in my spirit and he said, “Not now.”  I thought, “Okay, maybe tomorrow.”  And He said, “Not now.”  And He kept saying, “Not now.”   Now I want you to understand something.  I red-lined the car […]

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richard roberts on January 12th, 2011

And I want to teach you how to get completely wet today.  Now I want you to turn to your neighbor and say,  “Neighbor, you’re all wet.  Neighbor, you’re all wet.”  (Response)  Now the question is, what’s been sprinkled on them?  What are they full of?  You know, what you’re full of, you will manifest.  […]

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richard roberts on January 6th, 2011

And let’s believe this one thing.  Let me just say this before those of you who are going to join join.  Believe that God’s going put a millennial blessing increase upon that $25 that you give, a thousandfold return.  How many of you could stand a $25,000 breakthrough?  According to your faith, be it unto […]

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